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Restaurant Story


£41 and over
199 Tooley St, London SE1 2JX
Call us anytime +44 20 7183 2117
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It was Birthday time and I was being thoroughly spoilt by my husband! He booked Restaurant Story since it had been on my infamous list for a while and it was a lovely surprise (although I figured it out pretty early on). Based on Tooley Street, Restaurant Story is minimalist and intimate as soon as you walk in and a lovely setting to enjoy the 3 and a half hour experience. Tom Seller will take you through a story about his life and British food: chapter by chapter; course by course.

There is no menu when you walk in. Instead the staff ask you if there are any dietary requirements or things you just don’t like and they will create the menu around you – feeling special yet? On top of that, they also offer the option of Drinks Pairing – this is a little like Wine Pairing with each of your dishes but with a larger range of drinks including ciders, cocktails, sake… all sorts of options (including wine). If you’re looking for different, then so far this place is ticking all the boxes!

I’m not sure recommending specific dishes is all that helpful to you since the menu is so interchangeable… but if I don’t talk about the food then I feel like I am doing a complete injustice to the restaurant. It was 3 and a half hours of blissful, well balanced and fresh dishes – perfect for the warm summer.

There was a savoury version of Oreo’s, freshly baked sourdough (it went into the oven when we arrived), fresh tomato and vanilla salad, iced cucumber “ash” and some of the most delicious desserts including Lemon sherbet and a lovely fruit tart. The dishes themselves were faultless. My only criticism was that amongst all the lovely fresh, salad dishes, I was still looking for something with a little more substance. Perhaps it’s just me, but even during summer I still need at least one solid hot dish and I just felt that was slightly lacking here… but if that doesn’t bother you then you will have no issues whatsoever with this place!

The experience is refined, unique and a great place if you want to have a very memorable evening. I do warn you though that it does have a price tag to match so save it for that next extra special occasion.


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Date Friends Family Client


£41 and over
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