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Shoreditch is teeming with eateries and this time round we decided to try out Lahpet for its exceedingly exotic sounding Burmese food for a week day dinner. For larger groups, I would recommend booking as the place did start getting full fairly quickly.

Covered in plants with lots of wood furnishings and plenty of light through the large windows, Lahpet looks sleek and very inviting as soon as you walk in. There is nothing particularly “in your face” about it which makes comfort that much more attainable (in my opinion).

Burmese food isn’t always familiar for most people so I’d suggest thinking about it like a blend of Indian, Malaysian and Thai food – ish. Lahpet’s menu was small but in a way it made it easier to make decisions about what to eat! There is a choice of salads, small plates, large plates, bowls, sides and desserts. Don’t worry the staff were very helpful in recommending what would be an appropriate amount of food.

So from a vegetarian’s point of view, what was worth ordering? I would say the fritters were a good (although perhaps unhealthy) way to start. They were nice and thick with a fair variety included. I thought the yellow pea paratha were comforting and to the point. If you’re looking for flavour, try the Lahpet salad. There were all sorts of flavours in there – I personally found every mouthful a bit confusing and after a while went back to the simplicity of the paratha! For mains though, I thought the Lentils and Pon Yay Gyi was a delicious curry which was exactly what I was looking for from this whole experience. Creamy, filling and worked well with the house rice, this was the dish that made the visit worth it.

Despite being very full, we ploughed on with dessert where the banana and coconut cake, ice cream and peanut crunch was up for judgement. It was very banana heavy – perhaps a bit too much. After a few bites, I was quite happy to let it go.

Was it a perfect meal? No. Would I go back? Yes. Lahpet was charming and I am sure after trying things a few more times, I will settle in with my favourites. More than that though, it made me curious to try some other Burmese restaurants that seem to be popping up all over London. If you’re interested in trying something a little off the beaten path, why not try Lahpet?


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Date Friends Family Client


£26 to £40
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