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I was taken to Farmacy as a surprise treat. I’d heard a lot about Farmacy as a plant-based restaurant and it seemed to be one of those that I should definitely try out… Décor wise, Farmacy was right up my street – clean lines metallic elements, wooden tables and lots of lovely plants dotted around. So far so trendy.

The restaurant was pretty busy and we had a short wait before our table was ready. We started with some cocktails (it seems to be a habit). I particularly enjoyed the Matcha Caipiroska – since it has Matcha in it, it must be good for you right?

We were eventually seated and I started to look through the menu. Now I really do enjoy vegan food but I much prefer it when it is food that has accepted what it is instead of trying to be something else. My stomach dropped when I saw the “cheese” and “sour cream” substitutes that were dotted around the menu – what’s wrong with just eating lovely tasting vegetables?

We ordered a few things to share between us:

  • Sweet potato falafels
  • Summer courgette pizzetta
  • Kimchi Summer Bowl
  • Farmacy Burger

I really wanted to fall in love with the food here, but if I’m honest I found it pretty average. The best dish by a mile was the summer courgette pizzetta. The falafels were not really memorable, the kimchi summer bowl felt like it was a whole bunch of vinegar thrown onto some vegetables, the burger was dry and the accompanying chips were soggy and weak – this was so disappointing!

Whilst the food filled me up, it just didn’t hit the spot. It pains me to say it, but I think Farmacy showed me more style than substance. The one redeeming point is that the bar staff were excellent and really knew their stuff when it came to making recommendations.

I really, really wanted Farmacy to be good – and I’m hoping next time it will be more enjoyable but for now I think they’re missing a trick by not making the most of vegetables the way they are!

Let me know what you think if you’ve been there?

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Date Friends Family Client


£26 to £40
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