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The Black Penny


£26 to £40
34 Great Queen St, London WC2B 5AA, UK
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Brunch! It had been so long since I enjoyed a quality brunch that I could not have been more excited when I finally found a Saturday mid-morning where I was free to indulge. Now I had a lot of places that I knew I wanted to try, but in the end we decided to visit The Black Penny in Holborn. Luckily, we arrived pretty early and were able to be seated quickly. My advice would be to do the same because once we had finished up there was quite a formidable queue forming outside which you may want to avoid.

I can understand the queue through, The Black Penny is worth the wait. As with many London eateries, the place is quite small but it is comfortable. We were led past the main counter towards the tables that were setup in a Library-esque room. As a booklover, I was very happy about this. This, along with the exposed brick wall, gave a pleasant, laid back feel to the place where you could spend hours if you wanted (and if there wasn’t a queue of people waiting outside).

So, how was the food? Bloody delicious. Before we dive in, the range of breakfast options they had was really impressive. The ones that jumped out at me (and made choosing a dish really difficult) were:

  • Black Penny Beans – Sourdough toast, English burrata, rocket, basil oil
  • Brioche French Toast – Whipped lemon ricotta, black cardamom sugar, blueberry compote, toasted almonds
  • Ozdemir Pasha – Grilled halloumi, fried eggs, butterbean hummus, sumac, fresh tomato, onion and parsley salad, sourdough toast
  • Wild mushroom, polenta hash – salsa verde, rocket, poached egg

I mean, how good do they all sound? What would you have gone for?

In the end, I finally landed on the Ozdemir Pasha and I was not disappointed! There was so much going on in this dish so with each mouthful you got a taste of something different: creamy hummus, salty halloumi, fresh salad, crispy toast and the best fried eggs, sunny side up and just the perfect level of runny. I was so absorbed with my food that I’m almost entirely sure that I didn’t speak for the rest of the meal. My husband didn’t seem to mind though as he too was wolfing it down.

The Black Penny has definitely become one my firm favourites and I can’t wait to try one of the other dishes out. The best thing about the place was that it was brilliant food in a lovely relaxed and laid back atmosphere which is the perfect recipe to start the weekend off!

I loved it and I hope you enjoy it too!

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Date Friends Family Client


£26 to £40
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34 Great Queen St, London WC2B 5AA, UK

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